Diane Gerig, LMT & Certified Bowenwork Practitioner
Located in Pasco, WA - limited hands on treatment available

I was first introduced to Bowen in Australia in 2006.  After a terrific fall gazing at the South Cross bright in the night sky.  That first treatment in the land of the founder of this method of balancing the body and permoting healing allowed me to continue on a speaking tour.  It also made me a believer!  To my my good fortune in 2013 through a friend I discovered Bowen again here at Bio Energetics.  I have been tied to a chiropractor for years after much trauma to my back, which affected my heart and lungs.  Diane’s Bowenwork addresses those issues, as well as keeps me free of much pain and discomfort.
Bowen is the way to go!  Terri M - Tri-Cities, WA


Growing up on a farm I considered myself to be a very healthy kid. When I was ten years old I was thrown off a steer and hurt my back. I have struggled with back pain ever since. It wasn’t something that I couldn’t handle without Tylenol. Being fit and very athletic (running marathons) I learned to just work through the pain. After six pregnancies, two of them being with twins) exercise was something that didn’t happen much, and I struggled with problems of Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Arthritis, Heart problems known as SVT and my back just kept getting worse. Four years ago I was sent to a Neuro Surgeon to discuss back surgery. We chose to begin steroid injections every 3 months to ease the pain of my bulging and degenerating discs instead of surgery. Approximately four months ago I was back into the Neuro Surgeon who said that surgery was my only option to get rid of the pain. Having watched my dad go through 4 failed back surgeries, and being 42, there was no way I wanted to let anyone cut on my back. I had heard several people at church talk about the healing they had experienced through Diane Gerig called Bowen. I decided to call and schedule an appointment, after all, what could it hurt. I went to my first appointment not really expecting Bowen to help, and I was a bit uneasy about it. I went home from my first appointment and within an hour I noticed that I had no pain in back at all. At first I thought great, for a while it won’t hurt. I went to my second appointment while still having no back pain, and then another and another appointment, all the while noticing that besides my back pain being gone, my other health problems were disappearing as well. Today, I still have no back pain, my arthritis that was very debilitating doesn’t bother me at all, my heart doesn’t beat irregular at all, and I haven’t been sick because of Lupus. Today I can bend, squat, hike, run, play with my grandson on the floor, do yard work, and I recently was able to go glacier climbing for 4 ½ hours in Alaska. Before Bowen with Diane, I couldn’t even walk a mile anymore because the pain in my back and the arthritis pain from my neck to the bottom of my feet wouldn’t allow me to. Thanks to Bowen and the healing I have experienced I no longer take any of the dozen medications that I was prescribed by the six doctors I used to see several times a month. I am so grateful to Diane Gerig and Bowen for giving me my life back, for pain free days, and for the healing I have experienced. If you have pain of any kind, please consider calling Diane at Bio Energetics in Richland and schedule an appointment for Bowen. You won’t regret it, and it will change your life!  Regina P. - Tri-Cities, WA


Diane has many therapies to offer and extensive knowledge working with the whole body. She has made a big difference in restoring my movement and lessening my pain from a bad car accident. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking gentle, natural, and effective therapies.  Jayme C. Tri-Cities, WA


"What Bowenwork did for my hurting feet was amazing - thank you Diane Gerig!"     Ginger Farrens


"Diane Gerig has a healing gift that will attend to the aches and pains in your body. She has worked on my shoulder twice only to find that my entire body was a mess. It was the best treatment for what ailed me...really! "   Lisa Owens Lovejoy 


I regularly received chiropractor and acupuncture therapy. But after treatments from Diane I didn't need either, and stopped taking over-the-counter pain relievers! Diane's hands know where the problems are without telling her. She relieved me of my discomfort with lower back pain and bursitis.  Carolyn Byard, Salem, OR


Diane helped me through a car accident injury, surgery recovery, and other normal concerns.  She was always in tune with my needs.  Whether I needed a therapeutic massage or a blissfully relaxing massage Diane always provided top notch service.  I'd highly recommend her services.  Patti Denman, Portland, OR


Diane massaged my muscles with deep pressure I needed to relieve pain and tension after weight-lifing. I've always been impressed with her ability to do such deep massage, since she's petite and I'm a big guy.  She's the best!  Mike Castronovo, Salem, OR


I've had headaches and back pain 24/7 for over 40 years. I tried everything and had almost given up hope until I found Diane. Over the course of four years, using all of her massage and related skills (including SRT and just recently Bowen, as she was still in training prior to her moving) she has reduced my overall pain by over 50%.  Diane has truly improved the quality of my life, and I am very grateful.  Bill Cozart, Keizer, OR





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