Diane Gerig, LMT & Certified Bowenwork Practitioner
Located in Pasco, WA - limited hands on treatment available
Services and Rates

Investing in Bowen/Emmett is an investment in your health.


Bowenwork® and Emmett Is Better!!


$75.00 per session - a session can last 20 to 60 minutes

MSTR - Scar Tissue Therapy - $55

Omnium1 PEMF Mat - $22.00

Pre-Purchase  Packages: 4 sessions for $265

All prices above are at time of service price - cash/check

Therapeutic Pricing and Billing Prices are higher:  $40 per unit (1 unit = 15 minutes)

Please come 15 minutes early to your first appointment to allow for paperwork and assessments.

I stopped taking any type of insurance, including Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance, as of 5/1/2018 

I no longer do many massages - they are by request and are $95/hour or $130/90 min.


On line scheduling: 


City: Pasco, WA 


Bowen Therapy $75.00 / each
Emmett Technique Therapy$75.00 / each
MSTR - McAllister Scar Tissue Release$55.00 / 15 minutes
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