Diane Gerig, LMT, Bowen Professional, Emmett Professional, Scar Tissue Release Therapist
Diane Gerig, LMT & Certified Bowenwork Practitioner
Located in Pasco, WA - limited hands on treatment available



Thank you for considering Bowenwork® and Emmett Technique with me. I know there are many places you can go for bodywork, but I am unique in my work and very thankful for all my training to help people have a holistic approach to health and healing. 


 I moved to Washington from Oregon in 2012. I worked  in an athletic club for 8 years as a massage therapist prior to moving here to the Tri-Cities. It was in Oregon, in 2011, that I discovered Bowen and was having amazing results with clients.   I decided at that time I could help people more with Bowen than I could help them with massage, as much as I loved the massage. 


I am a deep tissue specialist, but I believe Bowen gives more permanent results than massage, and this is why I changed my practice to include Bowen, and now include the Emmett technique.  


I am one of the few Bowen practitioners in the area trained in Bowenwork®, advanced training by the Bowen Academy USA, and several instructors from Australia who teach from Tom Bowen's  work (the founder). 


I became an Emmett professional in 2018. I am the first therapist on this side of the mountains in WA to learn this amazing therapy.  Emmett Technique is newly introduced to the USA from Australia, but having been practiced in Australia for years and in Europe as well.


In 2018 I become a professional Scar Tissue Release Therapist, MSTR®.  I have found great transformation in my clients with this technique.  If you have old or recent scars you want to minimize, release pain, lessen lymphatic fluid buildup, decrease numbness or other issues in your body - scar tissue release just may be that one last key to helping your quality of life improve!  




Recently I added an Omnium1 PEMF Mat (pulsing electromagnetic therapy). www.dianegerig.omnium1.com


Please browse my website.  If you have any questions, please contact me. If you've been getting massage or other treatments without success for your pain, give Bowen® or Emmett a try. I've had hundreds of grateful clients.


Diane Gerig, LMT, Certified  Bowenwork® and Emmett® Practitioner,  MSTR® therapy, and Omnium1 therapy mat

WA License # MA 60268810
Bowenwork® ProfessionalEmmett Technique Certified


Located in: Pasco, WA  with limited hand's on appointments available. Must e-mail or text me for authorization for an appointent. I also do distance Bowen/Emmett healing for everyone.





Graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2003  -  Bowenwork® Certified 2012 and trained to Module 11 and advanced classes outside of Bowen USAAssociate Teacher for Bowen USA, Advanced Bowen training: John Garfield, Graham Pennington, Ron Phelan, and Allistair McLaughlin  - all AU or Europe schools of Bowen.


Specific Techniques:

Bowenwork®, Emmett Technique,  Bowenwork® for people with cancer. MSTR® and Omnium1 PEMF Therapy Mat






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